Counseling Services

If you are trying to see your way into a better way of functioning and enjoying your life, I am a big fan of using your brain and eyeballs to get there as fast as possible. My research-driven counseling services are customized to your unique issues, based on my experience as a Neuro Optometrist and Licensed Professional Counselor. Building our relationship together is the most healing thing I offer!

Here are some visuals for you (pictures have captions attached) and a list of therapies that I also utilize when it is appropriate.

  • Light Therapy: My personal favorite way to help your sleep, mood and self-esteem. Quick & effective results, in times of crisis or for long-standing thought patterns and overwhelming, stuck feelings.  Many clients reflect it feels like a full weekend of meditation and clarity wrapped into a 25, 45 or 90 minute session. These can be scheduled as solo sessions or in series of 5 or 10, for 5% and 10% discount respectively (contact Emily to book a series). Research here.
  • Visual Somatic Therapy (Brainspotting): New form of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) combining vision with perception since “where we look impacts how we feel”. Using your very own eyeballs, I help you find a spot in your vision that matches the issue that is bothering you, while you listen to bilateral (right/left alternating) music. It is a deeper (yet gentler) way of processing stress and trauma with less talking. Learn more:
  •  Visual-Vestibular Therapy (Walk + Talk Counseling) : We use our eyes, brains and bodies to better process your challenges. Wear comfortable clothes and expect to get to the heart of your problems quickly and with greater clarity.

I personalize your treatment as we get to know each other, so do not worry which therapy to pick! I build relationships with my clients that help all their other relationships and sometimes we play with light, eyes and movement to get there.

Our 25 Minute Sessions are $85, 45 Minute Sessions are $130 and 90 Minute Sessions are $245, due at the beginning of session. There is a travel charge for Walk + Talk around Lady Bird Lake. You may book an initial session here.

I will send you paperwork before our first session so we can spend our time meeting & healing right away. Less than 24 hr cancellations/no-shows are charged the full session fee which allows me to help all my clients equally.

My treatments include unique, evidence-based and adapted clinical protocols that are effective and outcome driven, yet not categorizable in any one CPT code. Therefore, I do not accept insurance. Ultimately, I also do not diagnose or label you unnecessarily and your confidentiality is held to the highest standards since I am an out-of-network mental health care provider.

What I do for my clients who have insurance:

  • Automatic monthly emailed itemized receipts to streamline your out-of-network benefits (i.e. the insurance company pays YOU, not me!). You can receive up to 80% of your counseling investment back through this process.
  • Personalized list of in-network therapists I can refer you to after we complete your initial treatment for ongoing care, if you desire.
  • Flexible online scheduling around your financial budget and HSA (health select account) planning.
  • You may always ping me with any questions or concerns!


Emily Schottman, OD, MA Counseling, LPC