If you are a current or potential client, you may hear me mention the following resources for hardwiring your healing towards Post-Traumatic Growth.

COVID-19 Crash Course for Your Nervous System No time like the present to put your toe into mental wellness for the pandemic. I am a good interpreter of neuro-speak. If you get confused, just send me an email through the Contact form.

Best Practice When You are Upset (Dr. Kristen Neff, UT Researcher) Free guided meditations: especially Soften Soothe Allow for the difficult feelings, because if you felt happy and zen…well, you wouldn’t be upset!

Wheel of Awareness (Dr. Dan Siegel) Youtube video on how to wire your brain to have Mindsight, the ability to see and heal itself for a better quality of life.

Anything Brene Brown Research on Shame and Guilt explains that as we calm our anxiety, more difficult feelings and beliefs can arise about ourselves. She began a podcast in 2020 as a wonderful jumpstart to being kinder to yourself and having better insights.

Browse around any of these websites to learn more or fill out my Contact form to see if we might work together for your goals.