About Emily

Web-Schottman, Emily and Stephen-7445-Edit copyWelcome! I’m Emily. I have helped Austinites “see” and “be” their best for over 20 years as an Optometrist + Entrepreneur & then Licensed Professional Counselor. My eye exams often seemed like counseling sessions because I see beauty in your unique story, including the reasons why & how you see the world the way that you do.

I work best with individuals who have hit some real highs and lows on their personal or professional journey and are trying to make meaning out of difficult experiences and relationships. If you are hard on yourself, perfectionistic, struggling or stuck, I can help. I offer professional consultation for fellow therapists on cases involving trauma and somatic techniques, such as Brainspotting.

I am a mom, cancer-survivor, marriage-warrior & nerdy brain researcher. None of these things I have done on my own so I am a big believer in your healing connections to others. Sometimes our 1:1 work may include a warm welcome to your partner, family member or friend to better understand the ways that you can create positive change outside the counseling room. My care for you extends beyond the hours we spend together into your bigger picture.

My clients notice that I have a keen eye for your pain and your goals so that you leave your session feeling seen and understood. It is my job and my honor to create a safe and accepting environment for you to share your secrets, shed your shame and love yourself in mind-blowing ways. I am certified in Brainspotting and Consultant-in-Training (2021) to supervise clinicians becoming certified in Brainspotting, a fast and effective way of working with issues with less talking and more healing.

I hold both a doctorate in Optometry (1996, Southern California) and a Masters in Counseling (2014, St Edward’s University). I have done my own work in two very different careers, so you can benefit from my medical problem-solving mind & my ability to be fully present and tuned to what is keeping you from “happy”. I am the owner of Stars In Your Eyes Optometry, and limit my clinical work to Counseling and Vision Therapy only. I am thrilled to present my Neuroscience research at the International Brainspotting Conference in 2021 “The Body Keeps the Score and the Eyes Open the Door”.

I am interested in helping clients find clarity, balance and success in their lives after major events such as career change, illness, divorce, grief and loss. I have completed 20+ years of post-graduate work in neuroscience, vision development and effective techniques such as Transforming Touch.

The right counselor can make all the difference. I invite you to see if we are a good fit for your ongoing professional relationship, maintained with weekly sessions.  If I am not a match, I am happy to refer you to Austin clinicians I know to be great therapists and collaborative healing professionals. Some clients who see me require just 3-5 sessions, referred by their medical/health practitioners or career coaches. I do special sessions for those impacted by cancer, long Covid and other crisis work. Text/email me to learn more.

When your stress prevents sleep, keeps you stuck or repeating patterns that feel unhealthy, I am here to help you see your way to a better way of being. Call me or book a session today. You are not alone. You are not a failure. Your story is worth telling and I am listening.


Emily Schottman, LPC (MA Counseling), OD (Doctorate in Optometry)