Is Focus an “F” word?

As I complete my slides for the International Brainspotting Conference (Neurobiology & Research) in July 2021, I am fixated on a 4 circle Venn diagram of how we use our eyes to see and create clarity in our lives. The first circle is Focus, the fine tuned 20/20 vision and continuous concentration we try to do every day. We use this pathway to answer what it is we are seeing and seeking.

The eyes receive 1 to 10 million bits of information every second, filtered down to 50 or so manageable bites of data in our brains. In the process, we can lose the big picture and gain what I call an “inner cricket (critic)”. You may have 20/20 vision, but be more focused on what is wrong than what is right with how you see others and yourself.

A client this week said when her periphery is lost, she loses her perspective (beautiful!) and that is true for focus, as well. Especially if your default mode (called the default mode network in the brain) is negative, it is a sign that your focus is being railroaded by past trauma and ongoing stress. Brainspotting is just one way to rework those familiar tracks that are keeping you down.

Here’s an article on how to improve your focus before you lose your mind! Stay tuned for the next circle on the Venn diagram to your own Post-traumatic Clarity.