What Emerges? An Expert Companion

The final circle is when the healing that takes place in a session translates into real life. We literally see the world differently when we have had the experience of seeing our life stories more accurately (and kindly) and feeling seen by those who help us process it. There is an Emergence of emotions that are not so old and black-and-white but technicolor and 3D. We go from seeking an expert companion to help us to knowing we can be that for ourselves.

As I looked PTSD and cancer and troublesome relationships in the eye, I found a way to heal and express myself. These are the successful outcomes that arise as our traumas heal and move us to share with others in the How I talk about it? circle. I am delighted when this occurs in my Brainspotting clients and myself both organically and effortlessly because both eyes and brain hemispheres are “on” and recovered from trauma creating a softer, more resilient focus of post traumatic growth and clarity.

In Brainspotting, these are the insights that arise after we “squeeze the lemon” of residual thoughts and sensations that are subtle but present so that we get a full resetting of the nervous system and relief from our troublesome symptoms.

I am writing a memoir on this very thing so that the issues that suck all your focus, stop you from observing what might help, and diverge you from trauma healing can emerge into your very own post-traumatic clarity.