Quarantine Eye Exam

4/7/20 Many of us want to operate at our highest level right now. When I was a regular eye doctor, that was 20/20 vision, the bottom line of the eye chart. What someone else can see 20 feet away is what you can see, as well. You are perfect. Today, as a therapist, I see highest function as the attainment of the ultimate in physical, emotional and mental health. This means you have more than enough toilet paper, carbohydrates and Netflix. You do more than cruise Facebook, have 3 panic attacks a day, yell at your dog or spouse before falling into a fitful sleep just to wake up and do the corona-lifestyle all over again. You are handling your pandemic like a champ!

My Stars In Your Eyes offices closed for routine eye care until it was safe to administer puff of air tests and “which is better, one or two?” questions that would truly set you over the edge now. Until then, I determined your visual acuity by a 4-step virtual reality quiz from the comfort of your home, with some suggestions to try in upcoming weeks.

1. Can you blur out covid-19 pop up ads on your laptop equally with both eyes? You may need to work on increasing the size of your blind spot. Don’t worry, you haven’t driven in so long, your blind spots are not being checked. The best way to increase your blind spot is to dive under your covers and go back to sleep. 

2. Can you read the tiny ingredients on the wrapper of your eighth piece of easter candy eaten today before noon? Really? Without reading glasses? Your eyes may be fine but your blood sugar may be off.  

3. Can you focus on anything for more than 20 seconds? Hmm, I don’t believe you. Mental and visual focus are phantom symptoms right now. Wash your hands and try answering that question again.

4. Have you been crying daily or unable to visualize life after covid-19? I hear you. I see you. This is a new normal. If you are crying, your tear ducts work. If you are not crying but feel like you need to, reach out to a friend or old therapist or make your favorite chili with extra onions. Any tears count. 

If the eyes are the window to the soul, we are missing eye contact and soul contact right now. Your prescription is to fill your eyes with beautiful colors, indoors or outside. Take a break from screens. 2020 has not been what we expected, so try this 20/20/20 exercise: Focus your eyes 20 feet away, for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. Take a break from your screen is the best way to prep your vision to be ready for post-apocalyptic seeing and thriving.

This is incredibly hard. We are supposed to have tunnel vision in a crisis. There will be a light at the end of your tunnel (vision), hopefully this year. 20/20 vision may not be relevant now but your wellness is. If you can see 5 things in your room or out your window, then you have 5/5 (same as 20/20) vision in my book and you rock the quarantine eye exam.


Love, “Dr. Emily”