Spatial Not Social Distancing = What Your Friendly Therapist Is Ordering

3/31/20  Ok, maybe it’s the eye doctor in me: what we need to be safe from COVID-19 is NOT social but spatial distancing from others. Visually, the z-axis is what we use to regulate our nervous systems, from the moment a new born can focus only 12″ to her mother’s face all the way through our “mature” years when someone who is sitting too close is too blurry! Our social closeness, not distance, is what we need for physical and mental wellness.  Make some visual spatial changes but do not lose your social connection. Please reach out to me, your colleagues, Insight timer peers or anyone in the world since we are all struggling with this harsh new reality.

If you grew up not talking about or having expressive feelings, you might want to read this from Dr. Jonice Webb. You may be noticing a greater sense of being insecure, lost and alone while staying at home, away from normal routines and, yes, even for you introverts, people! Isolation recreates and exacerbates regular levels of anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress.

I am increasing my posts because I am walking proof that immune systems need emotional support to be healthy and protected. I was diagnosed with a unique cancer over ten years ago which inspired a career change from eye doctor to psychotherapist. I love my work because it keeps me and clients well through post-traumatic growth.

I am pleased to report telehealth is working wonderful for Brainspotting and Light/Color Therapy. You can notice a visible difference in stress levels even through a 2-dimensional computer or smartphone screen. Please read more on my website and refer isolated friends and family for a telehealth session today!