Self-Kindness In Kind

3/11/20 When life stress gets larger than life, I tend to go back to the basics. Staying well from COVID-19 and global, let alone local, paranoia and pathology can be exhausting. I see an uptick of clients wanting to figure it all out, or better yet, make it all go away!

My basics include anything written by Drs Brene Brown and Kristin Neff, now both on staff at University of Texas. Kristin shared these Myths of Self Compassion which I found timely this week. The most shocking thing I had to learn about trauma (as a client and therapist) was how critical self-compassion is to healing. Since when do I have to be freaking kind to myself to get over it? Ain’t nobody got no time for that!

If you are sheltering and spinning out on news and worry, take a moment to invest in global self-care that starts with you. Neff’s free, 5 minute Self Compassion meditation is a very good start. These are the times to be nice to your head and heart while it is protecting your body from illness. It is not selfish, self-pitying, or narcissistic; it will not make you weak or complacent. It will simply help you be…well.