See Yourself Better

My gift to myself in 2018 was joining a bookclub on the Neuroscience of Counseling.  I know, I am a nerd! 🙂 We talk about how your mind works in order to help clients fast and easy. It makes my brain explodes like pop rocks in Coca-Cola. For those non-Gen Xers who are confused right now, these guys will help you out (“Yes, your stomach will explode but you will live forever.”)

Last week, we learned how our thoughts, emotions and behaviors come from a mental map that is built before we even have words or memories. This Map is the result of our DNA and how well we were Seen + Heard, as well as feeling Safe and that You Matter.

I am using Capital letters and BOLD since it is so important to create a reliable GPS for your own mental mapping in relationships and career success. This is what I do for you.

When you feel Seen + Heard by the important people in your life, you “feel Felt” to quote my favorite neuroscientist Dan Siegel. As a counselor to very awesome clients, I can literally see differences in those who have a strong sense of self-esteem and self-worth after being seen and heard in my counseling sessions.

Learning how to feel safe in counseling allows you to live your life easier with more success, find true love, leave your mark on the world. When you are off, you feel like empty, alone, numb and in trouble all the time!

My colleague, Dr. Jonice Webb describes this well here.

If you are ready to change your brain as a gift to yourself this year, please reach out, ask me a question or set up an initial consultation. My heart and mind are ready for yours!

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