Eye-Opening Experience

After 20 years as an Optometrist specializing in Vision Therapy and neurological symptoms, I am excited to find Counseling techniques that use the eyes and brain to achieve relief from anxiety, depression, panic, trauma & relationship concerns. In 2016, I finished my certification in Brainspotting and two levels of Emotion Transformation Therapy. Both are zenith therapies to treat anxiety and depression symptoms using our own eyes.

My friend graciously volunteered to try out an emotional concern during the Austin-based training. She shared the following after only one session. (Note: she is not a client).

After color eye therapy ETT

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went to the ETT color training. I felt very comfortable talking to Dr. Schottman about my anxieties. As we talked the colors changed in front of me. I didn’t think it was going to do anything, but I started to notice myself slowly relaxing. In 30 minutes I could barely even find words to describe what worried me. 

The feeling of relaxation lasted much longer than a yoga or meditation class. After a few hours I still felt relaxed and kind of tired. I was not worried about anything I would normally worry about. I slept very well that night and remained very relaxed for a few days. 

After a week, when I think of troubling situations, they don’t really seem that bad. I would definitely go back when things feel out of my control or I am worrying too much. 

I would recommend this type of therapy if you are looking for a natural way to treat anxiety.

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