True Relief for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma & Cancer

Others may see you as strong, but inside you struggle. You have survived loss, illness or major life change yet anxiety, anger, depression & despair still follow you. Post-traumatic stress can include sleep, mood and relationship disturbances that overwhelm you and your loved ones. Together, we can create Post Traumatic Growth and a new love for life that feels calm, resourced and empowering!

Austin Mental Wellness is the brainchild of Emily Schottman, LPC, an Optometrist + Counselor/Coach and Cancer Survivor. I specialize in precise visual and psychoneuroimmunology (mind-body connection) treatments to heal your emotional, mental and physical symptoms. You can schedule your initial session here.

You can also call/text me directly with your questions or to request an appointment: 512.751.9195. For a list of Brain system, Body symptoms & Other issues to address with Emily Schottman, click here.

Clients tell me they have had unique insights and relaxation after their first visit. I see adult individuals in central Austin, Texas in two locations. I do especially well with NPR listeners and those who have tried traditional talk therapy with mixed results.

I invite you to request a sessionlearn more about me, ask your burning questions and follow my blog in the privacy of your pjs, anytime!

Here is a free, quick handout for you, your loved one or someone you might want to refer to me: How to Create your own Post-Traumatic Growth with Emily

2019: I am excited to announce new clinical hours at Cancer Rehab & Integrative Medicine on Spicewood Springs in Austin, Texas. Please contact Emily to live well through your medical diagnosis, recovery and fear of recovery with effective coaching/counseling.

Lastly, if you are a test- taker or list-maker, click this for a questionnaire to get your counseling juices flowing and then send me your results on my the Contact Emily form.