If it’s hard for you to keep it all together, it’s time for us to get together.

Others may see you as strong but inside you struggle. You have survived grief, illness or major life change yet anxiety, anger, depression & despair still follow you. Post-traumatic stress can include sleep, mood and relationship disturbances that overwhelm you and your loved ones. Together, we can create Post Traumatic Growth for you!

Austin Mental Wellness is the brainchild of Emily Schottman, LPC, an Optometrist + Counselor. I specialize in precise visual treatment to get you in touch and heal your emotional, mental and physical symptoms. You can schedule your initial session here.

You can also call/text me directly with your questions or to book an appointment: 512.751.9195.

Clients tell me they have had unique insights after their first visit. I see adult individuals in central Austin, Texas. I do especially well with NPR listeners and those who have tried traditional talk therapy with mixed results.

I invite you to book a sessionlearn more about me, ask your burning questions and follow my blog in the privacy of your pjs, anytime!

2017: Previous group for those with cancer or chronic illness in Austin, Texas. Contact Emily for current resources for those facing cancer.

Here is a free, quick handout for you, your loved ones or someone you might want to refer: What do my eyes have to do with my mental wellness?

If you are a test- taker or list-maker, click this for a questionnaire to get your counseling juices flowing and then send me your results on my the Contact Emily form.