Are you feeling Overwhelmed?

Others may see you as strong, but inside you are struggling to focus, sleep, exercise and function. Unpredictable and ongoing stress can exacerbate long-standing anxiety & depression. It warrants special care of yourself.

A major life change, such as Covid-19, caused fight, flight, freeze and fix-it reactions. Your tendency to feel traumatized remains high. Talking to a licensed professional counselor can help tremendously. A 45 minute telehealth call to calm and focus your nervous system provides focus and clarity for you. This can be scheduled online today: Click here!

Austin Mental Wellness is the brainchild of Emily Schottman, LPC, a retired Optometrist + Counselor. I specialize in precise visual and psychoneuroimmunology (mind-body connection) treatments to heal your emotional, mental and physical symptoms. These can be done on video chat (telehealth) and you can schedule your initial session here.

You can also call/text me directly with your questions or to request an appointment: 512.751.9195.

Clients tell me they have had unique insights and relaxation after their first visit.  I do especially well with logical, high and low functioning individuals, also NPR listeners and those who have tried traditional talk therapy with mixed results.

I invite you to request a session, learn more about me, ask your burning questions and follow my blog in the privacy of your pjs, anytime!

I have been honored to speak about International Brainspotting with Dr. Melanie Young. Learn more here.