Smart, caring & effective telehealth

Others may see you as strong, but right now you are struggling to focus, sleep, exercise and function. Unpredictable anxiety and stress can exacerbate long-standing anxiety and depression. It warrants special care of yourself.

This is a major life change that will cause fight, flight, freeze and fix-it reactions. Your tendency to feel trauma symptoms is high. Talking to a licensed professional counselor can help tremendously. Even a 20 or 45 minute telehealth call can make a difference to calm your nervous system. This can be scheduled online today: Click here!

When I was diagnosed with cancer in 2010, I became familiar with panic and unpredictable living…learning how to be strong for others when you are a mess inside. I pay it forward and share my insights to those who are trying hard to survive at home alone, with your partner and/or family. I am honored to help you in this unique time.

My practice, Austin Mental Wellness, is the brainchild of Emily Schottman, LPC, an Optometrist + Counselor and Cancer Survivor. I specialize in precise visual and psychoneuroimmunology (mind-body connection) treatments to heal your emotional, mental and physical symptoms. These can be done on video chat (telehealth) and you can schedule your initial session here.

You can also call/text me directly with your questions or to request an appointment: 512.751.9195. For a list of mental and physical symptoms to address with Emily, click here. To prepare for your appointment, here is Dr. Grand’s bilateral musicto be used with your headphones at home or office (not driving!).

Clients tell me they have had unique insights and relaxation after their first visit.  I do especially well with logical, high and low functioning individuals, also NPR listeners and those who have tried traditional talk therapy with mixed results.

I invite you to request a session, learn more about me, ask your burning questions and follow my blog in the privacy of your pjs, anytime!

Here is a quick handout for you, your loved one or someone you might want to refer to me: How to Create your own Post-Traumatic Growth with Emily

Lastly, if you are a test- taker or list-maker, click this for a questionnaire to get your counseling juices flowing and then send me your results on the Contact Emily form.